Be Wise, Go Kind
Uncertainty as an Opportunity

Go in retreat from home

Online Retreat

The future is uncertain. It always has been. Yet, these days, many of use are facing an uncertain reality where our routines, habits, and norms have shifted beneath our feet. This space of uncertainty can be scary, but by connecting with our natural wisdom and compassion, uncertainty becomes a wonderful opportunity for positive change. 

We offer to go in retreat from home, at your own pace. To look at your life’s purpose, create opportunities for embodying kindness, and begin to craft your own personal roadmap to living fully and meaningfully in the face of uncertainty. 

The teachings during the Online Retreat are in English, yet they are all translated into Portuguesa, Español, 中文, and Deutsch. You can register till December 31st, this year (2020). 

The teachers

This Online Retreat, Be Wise, Go Kind: Uncertainty as an Opportunity, will feature teachings by acclaimed Buddhist teachers Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche and Acharya Lama Tenpa Gyaltsen. Personal explorations and guided meditations will be led by Nalandabodhi senior teachers Mitra Mark Power and Mitra Lee Worley. 

A discovery for positive change

The Online Retreat offers a variety of activities: Teachings, contemplations and meditations. They will help you to: 

  • Create opportunities for embodying kindness and compassion
  • Learn practical tools to work with others in society for positive change
  • Develop skills to live more fully and meaningfully in the face of uncertainty

Make the most of this moment and use your time meaningful. Join the over 800 people from all of the world that already participated in a profound retreat of inner and outer discovery! 


This Online Retreat is based on the ‘Live’ retreat that took place in June this year (2020). Given the COVID-19 pandemic Nalandabodhi and Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche decided to offer their yearly retreat online and make it public. Over 800 people from all over the world joined in to turn the space of uncertainty into an opportunity for positive change. 

The appreciation of participants and requests to be able to access the teachings, has lead to make them available again for the public. You can register till December 31st, this year. We are happy to offer this Online Retreat as a self-paced program to go in retreat from home. With the use of recordings and supporting materials we wish everyone to have a precious opportunity to Be wise, Go kind and Live fully! 

Kindness in action

What will you do to be kind to yourself? What will you do differently to be a good listener to your inner world and your surrounding? How can you benefit others more? In short: What can you do to go deeper into your heart and wider into the world? 

Cultivate a habit of kindness!
Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche continues to emphasize the importance to develop positive habits, and scientific studies show it takes 66 days for something to actually turn into a habit. Following the ‘live’ Online Retreat Be Wise, Go Kind: Uncertainty as an Opportunity, we invited participants to reflect and share their intentions of kindness. Based on this we started a 66-day campaign: sharing an act of kindness every day as support to cultivate a habit of kindness. Seek inspiration? Look at the intentions, suggestions and actions of others that came here before you – and then develop and share your own! 

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